In 2012, the whole designed production capacity of HPMC was only 120,000 tons in China. The first factory of Shuotong Company, Maocheng Chemical, successfully strode from a thousand-ton class company to a ten thousand tons class company since its foundation. And now it occupies an important place in the HPMC industry.

With the development of UHE etherification technology, the high-end cellulose ether, which used to be imported in large quantities originally, has also gradually achieved localization, and its export amount continues to rise. Mr. Su looked ahead with a forward-looking vision of the future development trend, integrated multiple funds and resources, and established two big factories, whose production capacity has reached over 20,000 tons and 50,000 tons. Shoutong was developed on the solid basis of the joint power of the three chemical factories.

Now Shuotong Cellulose Company has 3 production lines, 12 reaction kettles, and 7 product warehouses, which have generated a huge production capacity of nearly 80,000 tons per year, of which 30,000 tons are exported to overseas markets every year.

Since the raw materials account for a large proportion of the cost of cellulose ether, its price fluctuation directly influences the price of cellulose ether. Cotton occupies a large proportion of the economic structure of commodity agriculture and its price is affected by many aspects such as natural conditions, international supply and demand,etc. Similarly, propylene oxide, methyl chloride, and other raw materials are also affected by international crude oil prices. At this time, enterprises, which have high technical barriers, a rich variety of products, and high added value, reflect a greater advantage. Large-scale production enables them to calmly cope with fluctuations in raw material prices and maintain a relatively stable gross profit level.

Mr. Su always says,"To do good things and to do big things; To run good factories and to run big factories." He believes that a powerful enterprise is a bulwark, which protects customers from risks and uncertain factors. Large-scale production and fine management have benefited the factory and helped it resist the interference of market uncertainties for years. Ten years as a day,the cellulose ether from Shuotong always maintains high efficiency, premium quality and speedy supply .

Until now, Shuotong is the Chinese main cellulose ether export company, which has traded and cooperated with more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Shuotong has responded to the Chinese Belt and Road development strategy actively. Its qualified cellulose ether have been distributed in Russia, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, and many other countries and regions, whose quality is widely recognized by global customers. Shuotong, with high-quality products, and excellent service, paved its way to globalization, and earned a good reputation among Chinese national brands!

Shuotong is not just a supplier, but more like a cooperative partner to us. High-quality products are provided by them, and so does some financial support.

Shuotong has its own capital of 100 million US dollars, which is specially used to provide financial support for customers and does not require to pay any interest. For years, Shuotong’s Customers Financial Support (CFS) has already helped hundreds of our business companions develop faster and stronger; moreover, not a bit of interest is charged by us.

When I signed the CFS contract with Shoutong, Mr. Su mentioned "Only when you succeed, can we succeed.", and his words still are fresh in my mind. Over the years, whether it’s business cooperation or just a personal relationship, I always think it’s my fortune to get a partner like Shuotong, to grow and develop, to share the sweetness and trouble. They make me realize the social responsibility shouldering on a national chemical brand and the determination to become an world famous brand of cellulose ether.

Shuotong is a harbor, a lighthouse, a beam of light, which gathers the industry peers together so that we can share, live and learn.

There was a time before, I met some foreign clients in the factory, and they asked what was your brand’s name via the translator to Mr Su. Honestly, I felt sorry for this, because a factory with a yearly production capacity of almost reach 80,000 tons, yet didn’t have a loud brand name, and hasn’t been recognized by the world.

In a flash of wit, I gave it the name "Matecel"; "mate" means "friends", companions, partners", and "cel " is for the cellulose for sure. We believe that with CFS and UHE, we can build a win-win cooperation-ship with more customers around the world, achieve more goals, to develop in step.

In 2022, the trademark logo "MATECEL" designed by Shuotong has been successfully registered and launched in the Bureau of International Commerce and become officially effective. Deer is the symbol of peace and good luck; two deer with the same motions indicate that good partners share the same goals, cooperating and coordinating in harmony.

Two deer look back together as if they are looking back at what they’ve been through. For all these journeys, what changed is the years, but perseverance never fades. From the foundation stone laying ceremony of Shuotong’s first factory to the official opening of MATECEL,on the same date in different years,it means a cycle of endless succession and a circle of life. Ten years are just like a flick, and I wish all my good old friends, and partners can reach their splendid achievements; create their remarkable miracles. May all of us embrace a brighter future with our feet on higher ground!

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