Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose CMC is a water-soluble cellulose derivative, sometimes It is called "sodium salt". It is the most commonly used derivative of water-soluble cellulose derivatives and has high commercial value.
CMC is widely used in food, toothpaste, papermaking, ceramics, printing and dyeing, oil drilling and other industries.

Matecel ® CMC Features:

  • ­Decrease the fluidity of the liquid

  • ­Increase the suspension of solids in aqueous solutions

  • ­Good film-forming properties

  • ­­Good adhesive

Matecel ® Application:

  • Matecel® CMC Papermaking Grade:

    Matecel® CMC is applied to the preparation of coating paper in papermaking industry, used as wet end additives and surface sizing agent etc.

    Control and adjust the rheology of paint and the dispersion of pigment.

    Good film-forming property and improve the glossiness of the coating.

    Improve the retention rate of whitening agent in the coating and improve the whiteness of the paper.

  • Matecel® CMC for ceramics:

    Excellent dispersion and protective colloid properties,
    Make the glaze slurry in a stable dispersion state without delamination.

    Adjust the viscosity of the glaze slurry to make the glaze slurry have good rheology and facilitate glazing.

    The product has a uniform degree of substitution, few gel particles, no insoluble matter, and good mesh penetration.

  • Matecel® CMC is used in detergents:

    Improve to ideal consistency and enhance product performance

    Dissolves fast and does not agglomerate

    The solution has high transparency and high light transmittance

  • Matecel® CMC for oil extraction:

    The well wall forms a thin and firm filter cake with low permeability, which greatly reduces the water loss.

    Reduce the initial shear force, making it easier for the mud to release the gas wrapped in it

    Stable suspension system to prolong the life of drilling mud

    Good temperature resistance, good salt resistance, resistance to various soluble salts


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