Gypsum retarder

Gypsum retarder

Gypsum retarder is a white or brown powder, easily soluble in water. It is mainly used in gypsum building materials to delay the setting time of gypsum and enhance the strength of gypsum, so that the fluidity of gypsum can last for a period of time, Gypsum retarder can greatly reduce the waste and loss of gypsum to improve the efficiency of construction.

Matecel ® Gypsum retarder Features:

Matecel ® RD-5:

Matecel® RD-5 is a protein-based high-efficiency environmentally gypsum retarder, It can be used for plastering plaster, bonding plaster, gypsum putty, gypsum grout, prefabricated gypsum components, gypsum finish coating, and mixes with other components evenly when using. The dosage is 0.05%-0.5% of the total gypsum.

  • Adjustable the dosage, controllable the setting time

  • Adding it to water in advance, it’s easy to use and have a uniform effect

  • Improve the overall quality of gypsum, increase hardness of surface, and inhibit product deformation and cracking

Matecel® RJ:

Matecel® RJ polymer carboxylate gypsum retarder is suitable for retardation of ettringite systems such as sulfoaluminate cement, such as cement-based self-leveling mortar, bearing mortar, and repair mortar. mix with other components evenly when using, and the dosage is 0.01%-0.2% of the total dry-mix mortar.

  • Good adaptability to cement

  • Excellent retarding effect

  • Excellent anti-caking performance

  • Small loss of strength in the early and late stages


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