Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is a non-ionic cellulose ether. It is odorless, tasteless, off white powder, can be dissolved in water and forms transparent viscous solution. HPMC is widely used in building materials, ceramic extrusions, personal-care products and many other fields, It will improve your products in water retention, bonding ability, thickening effects, dispersion rate and suspension etc.


Improves workability and processing effect of cement-based and ceramic-based extrusions by its lubrication.

PH stability

Matecel® remains stable in the range of pH 3.0~11.0. The solubility of Matecel® can largely increase in the presence of alkali environment.

Stable Chemistry

Compatible with other ionic and non-ionic additives in aqueous solutions while providing a stable combination when dissolved in water.

Save Cost

Large water demand of Matecel® can make your materials yield higher volume of outputs, and thus save your cost.

Thickening effects

Matecel® Increases viscosity of liquids in daily-chemical products and personal care products

Suspension effects

Enhances dispersion rate suspension effect and the stability of suspension systems, including concrete, mortar, EIFS system.

Water retention

Avoid quick water-loss during the drying of constructions, enhance water retention, ensure sufficient hydration time for cement-based, lime-based and gypsum-based materials.

Open time

Matecel® prolongs the open time during application, give more time for correction.

  • Mortar/ Concrete/ EIFS/ ETICS

  • Tile adhesive

  • Renders / Plasters / Skim Coat

  • Painting

  • Ceramic Extrusion

  • Home Care & Personal Care

  • Self leveling

  • Mortar/ Concrete/ EIFS/ ETICS


    Matecel cellulose gives the following excellent properties of dry-mix and ready-mixed mortar :

    • Excellent water retention rate
    • Smooth workability
    • Better Pumping
    • Provide sufficient cement hydration time
    • Give construction higher strength


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  • Tile adhesive

    Tile adhesive

    For different methods of binder, Matecel can provide various cellulose ether products to easily meet different requirements.

    • Advanced workability
    • High water demand and high output
    • Excellent sag resistance
    • Prolonged open time
    • Easy to spread out and not sticking to knife


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  • Renders / Plasters / Skim Coat

    Renders/Plasters/Skim Coat

    Cement-based Renders

    Cement based jointing and trowelling compounds are used for repairing systems and to smooth coarse walls and floors. Grouts are applied to fill the gaps between ceramic or stone tiles.


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    Gypsum-based Plasters

    Gypsum shows excellent fire resistance but it’s not water resistant, therefore gypsum plasters are widely used for internal walls.
    The main applications for gypsum-based construction materials are plasters (hand or machine applied), troweling compounds, joint fillers and adhesives.
    With machine applied plasters, an efficient covering of large walls and ceiling areas is possible.


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    Skim Coat

    Skim coat with Matecel® offers smooth wall surface. Bring easy workability, long pot life, excellent water retention and more.


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  • Painting


    Matecel® can be used in water-based paints, with excellent emulsification effect, dispersion rate, stability and water retention. It will help paintings and costings to achieve better rheological property at different shear rates, so your products enjoy smooth leveling, good anti-peeling and slip resistance.

    • Good enzyme resistance
    • Smooth leveling and flow
    • Advanced thickening ability
    • Improve suspension rate


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  • Ceramic Extrusion

    Ceramic Extrusion

    Matecel® can be used as plasticizer in Ceramic Extrusion. It can fasten hydration speed and increase expansion index of the ceramic.

    • Good lubrication, conducive to extrusion molding
    • Improve the strength of ceramic
    • Adjust the viscosity of glaze, so it has good rheology, easy to apply
    • Enhance the bonding ability ceramic surface and glaze so surface is smoother


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  • Home Care & Personal Care

    Home Care & Personal Care

    Home Care Products

    Home Care products include all types of liquid products such as floor cleaners, detergents and dish washing products with pH between 4 - 11

    Matecel can be used as a thickener to adjust the rheology of liquid detergents, adjust to desired appearance and ideal consistency.

    Matecel enables viscous formulas and gel cleaners be extra useful and more favorable, because Matecel will let gel cleaners left on the surface and work for an extended period of time, so better cleaning result.

    • ­Thickening effects
    • ­Adjustment of consistency
    • ­Compatibility with ionic surfactants
    • ­Solutions of high transparency


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    Personal Care Products

    Matecel can give good thickening effect to personal care products including Nurturing cosmetics (hair care, skin care and oral hygienea) and Decorative cosmetics (make-up, powders, eye shadow and mascara).

    Matecel improves the foam stability of shaving foams, increases the stickiness of adhesive creams.

    Matecel acts as a binder in powder make-ups, and eases the distribution of hair colouring agents.

    • ­Thickening effects
    • ­Adjustment of consistency
    • ­Stabilisation
    • ­Solutions of good clarity


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  • Self leveling

    Self leveling

    Self leveling mortar can rely on its own weight to form a flat, smooth and solid foundation on the substrate, so as to lay or bond other materials, and can carry out large-area and efficient construction. Therefore, high fluidity is a very significant feature of self leveling mortar; In addition, it must also have a certain water retention and bonding strength, do not produce water separation, and have the characteristics of heat insulation and low temperature rise.

    • High dispersion
    • Low viscosity
    • Wide adaptability to different self leveling formulation systems


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