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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

HPMC is an odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic white powder, which can be dissolved in water to form a transparent viscous solution and be used for mortars, tile adhesives, and daily chemicals.

How to choose the suitable type of HPMC?

In order to give the customers a better usage experience,

we have developed different types of HPMC for different application scenarios.

For cement-based products such as mortar, tile adhesive, etc.,
we mainly pay attention to two points:

1High viscosity

Because for cement-based products,
when the HPMC has a higher viscosity,
the mortar viscosity will be better,
as well as the sag resistance and workability will be better.

2High gel temperature

Normally most of cement-based products are used in the outdoor
construction field, which has a high temperature on the outside of the wall,
if the HPMC gel temperature is not high enough or lower than the wall
temperature, the viscosity of HPMC will decrease, even vanish.

The K series of HPMC developed by our company reach a high gel temperature of 75°. This series is more suitable for cement-based products.
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When HPMC is used in daily chemical products,
the following points should be paid attention to:

1Dispersion rate

Our HPMC powder can be dispersed quickly to all corners of the water upon we pour the HPMC powder into the water. The dispersion rate is measured by the time of starting to increase viscosity on one hand, which starts from the time of putting into the water and stops when the aqueous solution starts to increase a little viscosity. On the other hand, the dispersion rate is measured by the dissolving time, while the dissolving time is greatly influenced by the pH value and temperature of the water. We can demonstrate this with the following chart.

We have specially developed the daily chemical grade of HPMC,
with an excellent dispersion rate, which has been recognized
by many customers.

2Transmittance of light

This refers to the Transmittance rate of the aqueous solution after the HPMC is fully dissolved into
water. We have special light transmittance instruments to test light transmittance.
We control the light transmission rate of HPMC at 91% or more, and we will ship goods only after reaching this standard.


In the daily chemical field, it refers to the quality should be stable and
longlasting, and not stratified. We have developed HPMC specifically for
the daily chemical field, and have repeatedly considered the stability of the
products from the production process.


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