Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resin is a high molecular polymer powder with the chemical formula (CH2CHOH)n. It is a commonly used adhesive with good film-forming properties, bonding properties and thermal stability. Its water solubility is related to the degree of alcoholysis.

Matecel ® PVA Features:

  • Solution stabilityLow-viscosity polyvinyl alcohol
    aqueous solution is stable at room
    temperature and will not deteriorate
    during storage.

  • SolubilityPolyvinyl alcohol powder (PVA) 17-88
    and 24-88 are partially alcohol-soluble,
    they can be solubilized in room temperature
    water. when the temperature is lower than 10°C,
    sufficient dissolution time is required for
    dissolution, usually 5-10 minutes.

  • Film formationPolyvinyl alcohol has strong
    adhesion between molecules,
    it is easy to form a film.
    Polyvinyl alcohol is colorless,
    transparent and smooth surface.

Specification Hydrolysis Viscosity Volatiles Ash content PH
Matecel® 17-88 86.0-89.0 2000-2600 mPa.s Max 7.0 Max 7.0 5-7
Matecel® 24-88 86.0-89.0 4400-5200 mPa.s Max 7.0 Max 7.0 5-7

Matecel ® PVA Application:

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    Used for various wall putty, dry mixed mortar
    Gypsum products, ceramic tile adhesive

    Improve the adhesion of cement, ash, calcium powder and gypsum

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    For wall / ceiling finishes and tile paste

    Increase fluidity and slow down surface drying time,
    Prevent product surface cracking

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    Emulsion paint production

    Adding 1-2kg polyvinyl alcohol to the emulsion paint can effectively improve the flatness of the product, improve the film-forming rate and reduce the amount of emulsion by 5-10kg

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    Exterior wall / thermal insulation mortar system

    In exterior wall and thermal insulation mortar, the combination of latex powder (RDP) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) will achieve excellent results


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