Technical specification

Item Grade: 60JX (0813) Grade: 65JX(3001) Grade:75JX(3036) Grade: 75HD (2208)
Methoxy (WT%) 28.0-30.0 27.0-30.0 19.0-24.0
Hydroxypropoxy (WT%) 7.0-12.0 4.0-7.5 4.0-12.0
Gelation temperature (˚C) 58.0-64.0 62.0-68.0 70.0-90.0
Viscosity (mPa.s) (2% solu., 20˚C) 50,400,6000,10000 50, 4000, 400,4000,15000,70000,100000, 100, 4000, 15000, 100000
Loss on drying (%) ≤5.0
Residue on ignition (%) ≤1.5
pH 4.0-8.0
Heavy metals (ppm) ≤20
Arsenic (ppm) ≤2.0

Application suggestions

Grades Application Scope
levelling CTA Putty General mortar Gypsum plaster Water-based paint Daily chemical detergent

General Cellulose Ethers

Cellulose Ethers for Putty

Cellulose Ethers for Gypsum Mortars

Cellulose Ethers for Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Cellulose Ethers for Ordinary Mortars

Cellulose ethers for detergent and cosmetics

Dust Depressing Agent

General Cellulose Ethers

Cellulose ether is a very important component in building materials that provides better water retention, strength and adhesion to cement, lime and gypsum based products.

Cellulose ethers make it impossible to industrialize high quality mortars.

Our cellulose ethers can:

Improve construction efficiency and mechanical application to save time materials;

Produce high quality mortars that give them new functions;

Improve the adaptability of mortars to environment in site.

Water Retention

Cellulose ether can prevent water from being absorbed by the substrate too quickly and reduce the rate of water volatilization into the air, and assure more water to stay in the mortar to participate in cement or gypsum hydration, increase the green and final strength of the dry mortar.

Cellulose ether with better water retention can prolong the curing time of mortar. The ample operating time of mortar makes it to apply easily.  

The water retention of cellulose ether will be affected ,by the ambient temperature. Jianxin Company’s products have consistent water retention in a wide temperature range, even if above 50℃ for Some special grades.


 The good sag resistance of the mortar means that there is no slippage when the mortar is applied at a considerable thickness. The tile laid onto the wall will not be slip by gravity; The engraved mortar will have a good shape.  Jianxin’s cellulose ethers can significantly increase the yield strength and thixotropic properties of the mortars, which gives mortars excellent sag resistance and improves construction efficiency.

Good Workability

We developed special cellulose ethers for mortars that are applied in different ways. They can make the mortar have better application properties, reduce the stickiness to the tools, and make the application feel smoother, which makes the construction easier and reduces the labor consumption.

At the same time, we have a product line that dissolves in water shortly, which achieves the suitable viscosityand required sag resistance, it is ideal for mechanical application.

High output

It is more economical to get a higher volume of fresh mortar after a fixed weight parts of dry mortar mix water.

Jianxin’s modified cellulose ethers can increase air content in the mortar, the volume of the fresh mortar is larger, thus the trowelling area is increased.


Jianxin’s cellulose ethers can reduce the surface tension of the mortar slurry, which makes the mortar wet the substrate better, ensure the green adhesion of the mortar to the substrate, and keep the mortar layer from rolling and falling down from the substrate during application.

Open time

Cellulose ethers can keep the water the same content in the mortar and on the surface of the mortar for a certain period of time, not only entraining water in the mortar. They can keep the surface of the mortar wet and ensure the operating time and easy application operation of the mortar.


Some grades of cellulose ethers will provide special mortars with suspension without changing the consistency of the mortar. The heavy aggregates will be uniformly dispersed in the mortars and precipitation and bleeding will not happen. These special properties are important for self-leveling, self-compacting mortar.

Cellulose Ethers for Putty

Putty is a fine leveling or texture stucco, that is widely used in Asia . It has a history of more than 30 years and plays a very important role in the decoration of buildings.

 Generally, the coating finishing system has three layers: wall, putty, and coating. When the ambient temperature and humidity change, the deformation of the three layers of materials is consistent due to their different deformation coefficient, which inevitably causes stress in the decorative systems. The putty can eliminate stress by virtue of its flexibility, thereby to resist crack of the substrate and peeling of the film. In the mean time putty provides a leveling, smooth or textured substrate for the latex paints. The dosage of the latex paint will be decreased and the expectancy of the coating membrane will be extended because of optimizing of formulas of putty.

 Jianxin’ s Cellulose Ethers provide the putty with the following properties:

一excellent water retention;

一easy trowelling;

一 long open time;

一 wide adaptability range of the environment.

Cellulose Ethers for Gypsum Mortars

Gypsum plays a very important role in the construction materials industry. Compared to cement, gypsum has unique characteristics:

一lts curing is fast and the curing time can be adjusted;

一It expands a little after hydration and has no hollowing and cracking of cementitious materials;

一A large number of porous structures are formed in the material after solidification, which have the effect of breathing, sound-absorbing and sound insulation. This can adjust the humidity of living and working places,create a comfortable climate, so gypsum play an increasingly important role in interior decoration;

一Natural gypsum is rich in China, its energy consumption per unit is 78% lower than cement. Gypsum can be recycled;

一Desulfurization in power plants produces a large amount of gypsum, which also provides a rich source of gypsum.

It is the superior properties that gypsum have become more and more widely used.

Jianxin’s cellulose ethers provides gypsum-based mortars with key properties:

一high water retention;

一fast dissolution speed;

一good adhesion;

一easy pumping and good sag resistance;

一easy to apply and press finishing.

Cellulose Ethers for Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Ceramic tiles are a popular decorative material that has been widely used worldwide. How to lay this durable material has always been a concern, The advent of tile adhesives has made a big difference in how to use this material

Tile and tile laying has been developed. Tiles have different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, but also different weights per piece and densities, especially the low water absorption, large scale tiles and plates are more and more popular, The requirements of tile adhesives are more demanding

Jianxin’s cellulose ethers can ensure the smooth application of different types of ceramic tiles on different substrates, even in the case of harsh conditions, They give tile adhesives a long open time and adjusting time.

Application methods are a lot different in Europe and China. Different application habits have different requirements for tile adhesives. In China, the thick -bedding technique is the main method of tile-laying; the thick-bedding technique requires tile adhesive:

一easy to work, easy to operate, not sticky;

一 good initial adhesive strength.

The thin-bedding technique has higher requirements of the tile adhesive:

一good workability, easy spreading, no stickiness;

一 good sag resistance;

一long open time, good wettability;

一long adjusting time.

Jianxin can provide different cllulose ethers to meet the requirements of CTA for different laying methods,Our cellulose ethers provides tile adhesives with excellent wet adhesion, sag resistance and open time.

Cellulose Ethers for Ordinary Mortars

Ordinary ready. mixed cementitious mortars have become a very important part of the mortar industry in China and play an indispensable role due to the market promotion and national support of policy. In development of mortars, cellulose ether is an important activist.

Ordinary mortar is economically demanding in which cement level is small, but the requirements for its operating and machine spraying properties are still high, so sand grading and additives are important. In addition, mechanical application will become a definite tendency of development of ready-mixed mortar, cellulose ether will make mechanical application possible,Jianxin cellulose ethers impart the following excellent properties to the ready -mixed mortar:

一Good water retention

一good workability

一good spraying and pumping performance

一 Optimized wetting ability to the substrate

一 cement hydration is more complete for better bond strength and structure

一long adjusting time

一resistance to dry shrinkage

Cellulose ethers for detergent and cosmetics

Cellulose ethers for detergent and cosmetics have various properties such as thickening, foam stabilization, emulsification and easy dispersion. They have good compatibility with various additives of detergent and cosmetics, and are widely used in detergent, shower cream, shampoo, liquid hand sop, laundry soap and etc…


一Good dispersion in cool water. Through excellent and uniform surface treatment, it can be quickly dispersed in cool water to avoid agglomeration and uneven dissolution, and obtain a uniform solution finally;

一Good thickening effect. The required consistency of the solution can be obtained by adding a small amount. It is effective for systems in which other thickeners are difficult to thicken; 

一Safety. Safe and non-toxic, physiologically harmless. It can not be absorbed by the body;

一Good compatibility and system stability. It is a non-ionic material that works well with other auxiliaries and doesn’t react with ionic additives to keep the system stable;

一Good emulsification and foam stability. It has high surface activity and can provide the solution with good emulsification effect. At the same time, it can keep the bubble stable in the solution and give the solution a good application property;

一Adjustable bodying speed. The speed of viscosity increment of the product can be controlled according to requirements;

一High transmission. The cellulose ether is specially optimized from the raw material to the production process, and has excellent transmittance to obtain a transparent and clear solution.

Dust Depressing Agent

Dust emmision has a significant contribution to the inhalable particulate matter in the air, and is harmful to the environment and human being. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are paying more and more attention to controlling of dust emmision.

The dust depressing agent is a natural nonionic polymer. It dissolve in water quickly and is easy to use Mixing with water in proportion get a solution. The dust depressing agent is non-toxic, non-corrosive, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly. As a high molecular polymer, it can effectively bond and agglomerate dust particles to prevent dust from emitting. When water evaporates, the surface of the soil will form a durable, elastic intertwining network structure.


The solution is prepared by adding dust depressing agent into water, whose concentration is from 0.05 to 15%.Generally, it is applied by hand, mechanical or professional spraying station and stationary spraying system and the solution can be uniformly sprayed on the surface of the material or the dust emitting to keep dust from emitting and reduce the amount of dust in the air. The specific amount of dust depressing agent can be adjusted according to the site conditions in order to achieve the desired results.

Typical Properties

Dispersing and dissolving in water quickly without lump;

Excellent dust depressing effect, being able to remove dust particles under 2.5 microns. The effect can be maintained for 7-16 days. It can effectively depress the secondary dust emission of the road.

The pH value is neutral, it does not acidify and compact the soil;

Non-ionic polymer, non-corrosive to concrete, steel, road structures and asphalt paving materials;

Bio-degradable products are safe and friendly to the human being and the environment.

Application Scope

The dust-emitting places such as sandy roads, highways, tunnels, coal transportation, lime production sites, construction sites, concrete mixing plants, grain processing plants, etc.

Storage and Transportation

Jianxin’s cellulose ethers is a powdery product which is hygroscopic and water absorbent. They should be stored in the cool and dry warehouse. Once the original packaging bag is opened during the production and use, sealing carefully to avoid moisture absorption. 



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