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Development trend of cellulose ether

Ensuring product quality stability will still be the core competitive point of cellulose ether companies.
Cellulose ether accounts for a relatively small part of the production costs of most downstream companies in the industry, but it has a greater impact on product quality. High-end and high-end customer groups have to undergo formulation experiments before using a certain brand of cellulose ether. 
After a stable formula is formed, it is usually not easy to change products of other brands, and it also puts forward higher requirements on the quality stability of cellulose ether. This phenomenon is more prominent in high-end fields such as large-scale domestic and foreign manufacturers of building materials, medicinal accessories, food additives, and PVC.
In order to improve the competitiveness of products, production companies must ensure that the different batches of cellulose ether supplied can maintain quality stability in order to form a good market reputation.
What is the reason for the poor adhesion of mortar? 
1.Low-strength grade mortar, such as cement mortar, because cement mortar and workability are poor, squeezing mortar when masonry is strenuous
2.Building walls with dry bricks dehydrates the mortar at an early stage and reduces its strength, and the adhesion with the bricks decreases, while the dust on the surface of the dry bricks acts as an isolation, weakening the bonding between the bricks and the mortar layer.

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